Diabetes Eye Examination

Diabetic Mellitus Retinopathy (DMR) is Hong Kong’s second leading cause of blindness. There are about 200 cases of blindness caused by DMR each year.

(Source: http://www.hkappo.org.hk/doc/Press%20Release%2020101007-1-1.pdf)

DMR is often associated with the cause of other ocular diseases such as cataract, retinal detachment, macular edema, vitreous hemorrhage and secondary glaucoma, so we should pay special attention to it.

DMR in the early stage has no obvious symptoms, hence diabetic patients are recommended to have eye examination at least once a year, in order to avoid any diabetes-induced eye diseases.


Examination Contents:

  • Case History
  • Refraction (e.g. myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, presbyopia)
  • Intra-ocular Pressure (preliminary assessment of glaucoma)
  • Binocular Vision (e.g. strabismus, stereopsis)
  • Color Vision (e.g. color defect)
  • Ocular and Retinal Condition (Use of atropine eye drops to check fundus hemorrhage, macular edema, new vessels on iris, retina vessel abnormality)
  • Retina Photography (For comparison of retina conditions on each exam)
  • Diagnosis and Recommendation