Dry Eye Examination

Dry eyes is a condition in which the eye fails to produce sufficient or good quality tears, resulting in the drying up of the ocular surface. Symptoms of dry eyes including eye dryness, foreign body sensation, photophobia (sensitivity to light), tearing, burning sensation or fatigue, and even impaired vision. Severe dry eye can lead to a corneal ulceration or inflammation of eyes.

Dry eyes are caused by a number of factors, including age-related lacrimal gland dysfunction, over exposure to indoor air-conditioned environment, excessive reading on electronic visual displays, insufficient rest, usage of some drugs, prolonged contact lens use, and LASIK eye surgery.

Examination Contents:

Case History
Conjunctiva Assessment
Measurement of Tear Output Level (Attaching a strip of filter paper to the lower eyelid to test the fluid level)
Eyelid and Cornea Checking
Diagnosis and Recommendation

Optometrists will recommend different treatments to ease the dry eye problem based on their respective conditions, including prescription of artificial tears, eye supplement or dry eye treatment device.