Hearing Services


Hearing Assessment

The condition of outer ear canal and tympanic membrane will be examined by using a hand-held otoscope or a video otoscope. The otoscopic exam is performed by gently pulling the auricle upward and backward. A healthy ear canal should be free of earwax and foreign body….


Hearing aid Fitting

After an accurate audiological result is obtained via Comprehensive Audiological Assessments, needy clients will be evaluated for the use of hearing aid. Hearing aids with different styles and technological levels are introduced according to the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle ….


Earmould Services

For clients with perforated eardrum or recurrent ear infections, the use of swimming plugs for swimming or shower is advisable. Custom-made swimming earplugs can provide tight fit, remarkable durability and excellent ability to seal water out of the ear canal.


Assistive Listening Device Evaluation

For client who may not be able to benefit from hearing aids due to particular reasons, the use of assistive listening devices will be advised. Common assistive listening devices include personal amplifier, amplified telephone, amplified doorbell and alarm clock.


Pediatric Hearing Service

Around 1 to 3 per 1000 babies screened were identified with a detectable level of hearing loss. In childhood, our sense of hearing plays a crucial role in providing the basis for speech and communication skills. Children are in a critical period ….


Pediatric Hearing Aids Fitting Service

The Pediatric Hearing Aids Fitting Service is tailor-made for children based on their ages, to provide appropriate hearing aid fitting and customized follow-up services. We have introduced a fixed price hearing aids protection plan to keep up with the most active children.