The Pediatric Hearing Aids Fitting Service is tailor-made for children based on their ages, to provide appropriate hearing aid fitting and customized follow-up services.

Children Age Critical Development Hearing Aids & Warranty Follow-up Earmould Service
0 to 3 years old
A critical period for language development. The brain requires sufficient sounds stimulation to create neural pathways for the development.

Based on your child’s hearing level, hearing aids of 16 and 20 channels are available

Service and warranty period: 2 years

More frequent follow-up is needed
Free of charge within the service period *Audiologists will take ear impression on a need-basis
3 to 5 years old
Children start going to school and start entering a world full of conversations. Support is needed for the development of social and communication skills.
Frequent follow-up is needed
5 years old and above
A golden age for learning. Modern classroom is often a dynamic learning environment, where children require access to clear and rich sounds for full participation and communication.
Regular follow-up is needed

* Follow-up service and warranty package can be extended


Hearing Aids Protection Plan

We have introduced a fixed price hearing aids protection plan to keep up with the most active children. If the hearing aids have been lost or have been damaged beyond repair within the warranty period, a one-time free replacement with the same model will be offered.


Hearing Aids Loan Program

We will provide loaner hearing aid during repair period, so your child will not miss out his/her daily activities.


If you are interested in our Pediatric Hearing Aids Fitting Service, please call us to schedule a Pediatric Hearing Service for your child. Our Audiologists will assist you in choosing the most suitable plan for your child.