Signia Hearing Aids from Germany


  1. Unsurpassed First Fit acceptance
  2. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Technology with charging-on-the-go
  3. Full Connectivity for Bluetooth and iOS system
  4. Award Winning Design with stylish outlook


  1. Unsurpassed First Fit acceptance

Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with a natural sounding own voice. 4 advanced technologies are included in the platforms:

  • OVP TM (Own Voice Processing): instantly processes the own voice instantly and completely distinguishes it from other voices and sounds; generating a natural sounding own voice with uncompromised audibility for a natural overall experience.
  • Ultra HD e2e: enables instantaneous and continuous dynamic own voice detection, patented dual processing of the own voice and the remaining soundscape.
  • HD Spatialmaintains spatial cues in all environments. Binaural hearing processes are fully supported with access to all sounds and better hearing in noisy environment.
  • 3D Classifier: uses acoustic, motion and own voice detection to replicate the user’s natural hearing behaviour.


  1. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Technology with charging-on-the-go

It takes only 3 hours for a full charge to delivers a full day wear (based on 16 hours per day) with 5 hours of streaming. With only 30-minute fast charge, it provides 5 hours additional use. Its charging case allows three full charges for hearing aids “on the go”!


  1. Full connectivity: Bluetooth & Made for iPhone

Styletto Connect allows users to enjoy direct streaming from iOS smartphones. With 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth, it provides best audio streaming for smartphones and TV via StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV. Signia’s myControl App offers full remote control options with 360° microphone steering. Users can adjust program and volume, system sounds, power on delay, low battery interval, and turn on/off airplane mode.


  1. Award Winning Design with stylish outlook

Styletto Connect is available in three contemporary color combinations, including Black / Silver, Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, and Snow White / Rose Gold.