Unitron Hearing Aids from Canada

MoxiTM Jump R / MoxiTM Fit


  1. Comfortable First Fit calculation
  2. Advance Technology for better hearing
  3. Direct Connectivity with smartphones for streaming
  4. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Technology (MOXITM JUMP R only)
  1. Comfortable First Fit

A new first-fit strategy with advanced calculation provides users comfortable loudness with natural sound quality.
  1. SoundCore

A combination of 4 groundbreaking technologies:
  • SoundNav 3.0:  uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to classify incoming signals into different listening environments in order to obtain ideal program setting.
  • Sound Conductor:  automatically balances between speech enhancement, noise reduction and directionality to maintain speech understanding, comfort and naturalness.
  • SpeechPro:  localizes speech, directs microphones to speech source and adjusts levels of amplification to provide localization and speech enhancement.
  • Spatial Awareness:  uses 4 microphone strategies to provide localization cues.
  1. Made for All e-devices

  • Direct Connectivity:  allows users to enjoy binaural streaming and hands-free phone calls with Android & iOS smartphones; and TV streaming through the TV Connector. Unitron’s Remote Plus App offer Moxi easy control on above activities.
  • MediaNav:  classifies types of incoming streamed signals (i.e. music or speech) to obtain the perfect media experience.
  1. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Technology (MOXITM JUMP R only)

It provides unimaginable convenience to users where only 3 hours of charging time can provide up to 16 hours of hearing aid usage. No more battery change is needed.

Max SP/ Max UP


  1. Advance Technology for better sound perception
  2. Adaptive Sound Compression
  3. Powerful output for clients with severe-to-profound hearing loss
  1. SoundCore

A combination of 4 groundbreaking technologies:
  • SoundNav:  identifies incoming signals into distinct listening environments at almost 700 times per second for focus hearing.
  • Spatial Awareness:  mimics adult pinnae to identify speech direction for realistic sound quality.
  • SpeechPro:  separates speech source from noise and identify speech direction.
  • Sound Conductor:  balances hearing aid adaptive features to provide appropriate acoustic response that user needs.
  1. Sound Compression

Frequency Compression 2, an adaptive technology to compress sounds into audible range and discriminate high frequency voiceless sounds.
  1. Powerful output for clients with severe-to-profound hearing loss